I live in the Kentucky countryside with my family on a homestead we are building ourselves, and my life is very much affected by the seasons. Breaking the ice on the stock tanks, planting vegetable seedlings, swimming in the pond, cutting and storing firewood-these and many other seasonal tasks and rituals mark each changing year. As we work and live, I enjoy studying the ever changing moods and forms of the surrounding plants and trees. The perfectly formed, tightly closed buds of the winter trees, the ephemeral riot of spring wildflowers, the green jungle of the summer woods, and the ripening seeds of autumn. Drawing and painting is how I record these observations, and celebrate Kentucky's rich biodiversity. I’m currently painting botanical alphabets corresponding with each season of the year. The alphabet provides me with a simple conceptual framework on which to record my forest finds and observations, as well as an accessible, engaging format. 

I graduated from Berea College in 2000, where I earned a B.A. in Studio Art, Fibers. Since then I have been engaged in producing and exhibiting artwork, primarily fiber art. While I did study art in college, I was focused there on fibers and installation art; I’m a self taught watercolorist.